Request Refund

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Step 1


Take a photo of the packaging materials and the packages.

Step 2


Take a close up photo shipping label.

Step 3

Take a clear photo of the packing slip without any obstruction. If the photo sent is not legible, you may be asked to retake photos, so make sure we can read it the first time. We reserve the right to not process claims with no packing slip.

Step 4

Please send all of the photos you’ve taken along with your ORDER NUMBER using:



Send through our LIVE CHAT open 24/7

Our lawyers have advised us to create a refund policy even though we very rarely have a problem with getting our customers their products. Regardless, here it is:
If a shipment gets lost, stolen or goes missing somehow, Cannabis Bud Store will notify you and offer the option for a 1 time reshipment (BUT ONLY UP TO $250 and above). Such offer is valid once for each patient. There won’t be any exceptions to this refund policy.

A patient will only qualify for a refund if the medication wasn’t received in full, and 7 or more business days of the delivery date our delivery service provider quoted has elapsed.

Cannabis Bud Store has to review a refund case before issuing refund. This review will under normal conditions take 5-10 business days.